I'm cracking up, I love being corny and I love Austin Powers.

Aries Sun
Gemini Rising
Virgo Moon


I'm a Japanese and American gal, living in Tokyo although my heart belongs to Osaka. I’m just existing every day finding things that make me happy or make me think, so I’m not doing too bad. 

I'm interested in and trying to learn as much as I can about activism and social justice. Although there has been an increasing amount of accessible information in Japan, it seems as though there is still a need for approachable education on difficult matters that advocate for justice that will disrupt the status quo. Continuous learning and active understanding is imperative to making lasting changes, and the general public needs sources that are easy to access and non-intimidating, along with personal voices and stories to cause a bigger impact.

To me, COMMU is a community based on respect, curiosity, appreciation, and support. It’s a space where we can discuss difficult topics in a mindful, safe, and productive way to further our individual and collective knowledge. Through this deeper and holistic understanding of social justice, we can start to think of and execute tangible steps that bring us closer to true justice and equity. A space where we celebrate people as whole-individuals, as well as harmonize with each other by sharing skills, platforms, and resources to actively and intentionally elevate one another.








The History of My Understanding of My Identity

By Rachel

Cargo Collective COMMU 2021 (USA, JAPAN)