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Currently I identify as American and Japanese w/ Kenyan roots, and as a queer woman (she/her). But I believe my identities are in constant flux. 

As a generally awkward person who overthinks and stumbles through almost all social interactions, my interest has always been in language, and how I can better articulate myself in both English and Japanese. Specifically within the context of COMMU, I am interested in how we can improve the ways in which we communicate these ideas of social justice in Japanese.

To me, COMMU represents a communal space for growth and collective healing. And in order to create an accessible and inclusive environment for people to share their thoughts and ideas, we must be intentional with our language. My hope is that COMMU becomes that space for everyone c;

(I am Kenma, Kenma is me)




私にとってCOMMUは、コミュニティ・ベースの心のケアの場であり、他人への思いやりなどの人間性を育む成長の場です。COMMUと繋がる人たちにとって、ここが心地よいスペースでありますように。 みなさんとお話できるのを楽しみにしています!

エアコンの 効かない部屋。麦茶。そして亡くなったおじいちゃん。

太陽星座: 双子座
月星座 : かに座


Cargo Collective COMMU 2021 (USA, JAPAN)