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I am a Japanese-Ghanaian queer woman, living right on the edge of the Tokyo-Kawasaki border, in a tiny but warmly lit room with my 10 happy plants.

If I were to describe my praxis in a handful of words, it would be “multiform social investigation.” Inspired by the likes of Carl Gustav Jung, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Adrian Piper and bell hooks, I use daily life as a site of deep research to connect with the “heart of human matter,” that is, the stories, memories, beliefs and logics that undergird the human experience. My interests are in restorative justice and community healing, particularly surrounding the the importance of storytelling in social justice movements.

To me, COMMU is a “social justice petri dish.” Be it through educational, creative or sociopolitical means, we’re attempting to create a new model of community that centers accessibility, inclusivity and equity. COMMU is a network of people who are collectively working towards this goal.

Revolution through love; that is COMMU.







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An Ode: A Reflective Poem (オード:振り返りの詩

At the Heart of It All Was Longing: Or, The Crux of Sexual Habit  (心の奥底にあったのは恋しさだった:性習慣の核心)
Cargo Collective COMMU 2021 (USA, JAPAN)