Kei ︎︎︎ Kay   

I am an Americanized Japanese artist, dancer and educator, who recently relocated to Japan after growing up in the US for most of my life. My interests lie within my foremost identity as an artist exploring the cultural nausea stemming from a bi-cultural identity. As a former ballet dancer I’m attuned to the hyperawareness of my body and its affect on my work, particularly in how our visibility through race, class, gender and ableism operate differently within the US and Japan. I am also deeply invested in art education as a practice for mental health and community building, as well as a tool for decolonization and activism.

To me COMMU means three main roles: empowerment through community, decolonization through education, and a call for social justice be it through translation, networking or community outreach. COMMU represents an intentional space for dialogue while allowing ourselves to stay soft with each other in a world designed to harden us.


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Location: Kyoto
Sag Sun
Scorpio Rising
Leo Moon

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太陽座 :射手座


大阪出身、27年アメリカ生活でほぼ中身はアメリカ人の日本人女性です。アーティスト、エジュケーター、ダンサーとして活動し続けながら二つの国のアイデンティティの「コンプレックス」や「記憶」について思いを馳せています。元ダンサーとして敏感なのはアメリカと日本の社会の中で目に見える肉体の「体」(人種、階級、ジェンダーを含めて)目に見えない「空間」の間の関係は一体何だろう。二つの異なる国の考え方や違いに興味を持ち、それぞれの社会問題やマイノリティの声を上げていきたいです。このグローバルな現代、日本の国として私たちの責任は一体なんなんだ?そしてアートエジュケーター(Art Educator)の職業を通して絵の楽しさと自由さを広げ、社会主義のツールとして活動を続けたい。


background image source: In the Mirror of Maya Deren / 鏡の中のマヤ・デレン (2002)

Cargo Collective COMMU 2021 (USA, JAPAN)