COMMU とは何?

COMMU is a multiform storytelling platform dedicated to creating a wholesome, accessible and engaging space for community-centric storytelling. It's independently run with contributors from tiny rooms in Japan, England, and the United States, but the stories are borderless. 

COMMU is all about fluidity and authenticity. From phone conversations and video interviews to digital exhibitions and essays, the stories you'll find here take on a range of forms, each one crafted in collaboration with the compelling people behind it. It's raw, real and rough around the edges, but with lots of heart and soul.

COMMU is, above all things, a community-space. Nothing is off the table and everyone has got a seat here. There's no such thing as a "small story," because everything in life-from the big feelings and defining moments to everyday conversations and passing thoughts-are valuable sites for connection, reflection and communication.



COMMUは、何よりもコミュニティスペースです。ここでは誰もが歩み寄れる環境。「取るに足らない話」なんてものもありません。 深い感情や印象深い人生経験、日常の会話や通りすがりの思考、人生のすべてのものには重要性があります。これらのすべての瞬間は、人と人の繋がり、熟考や探究、コミュニケーションの場だと考えています。
Cargo Collective COMMU 2021 (USA, JAPAN)